Wise Public Affairs is proving that campaigns can be won and results can be achieved without deceiving clients.




Influencing legislation on behalf of clients is a cutthroat business. Personal and professional relationships are leveraged, legal boundaries are pushed, and influence is peddled through every means available.

Public Relations Agencies

The traditional business practices of public relations firms are structured primarily around open-ended retainers and billable hours. These payment models incentivize ineffectiveness, lead to high client turnover and are fundamentally unethical.


Political Consulting

Democracy has long been lucrative for the people who best know how to manipulate the system — political consultants. It's time we restore integrity and accountability to the industry of influence and advocacy.


The Wise Difference

Wise Public Affairs is not a traditional public relations firm. We work on behalf of our clients to influence public policy, public opinion and public behavior through results-driven strategic advocacy campaigns. While there are elements of traditional public relations in all of our initiatives, we employ a campaign-style strategy to effectively accomplish our clients’ goals in a timely manner. We will only launch a campaign we’re confident we can win using our proven strategies, so we carefully assess the viability of each of our clients’ objectives before making a proposal. Because of our results-driven approach, you can be confident in our promise to deliver.